Science Fair * 2011-2012

1) Students in both 7th and 8th grade will be able to take part in Science Fair.
2) Student benefits for taking part in Science Fair:
a) Completion of project benchmark assignments may result in increased scores in a student’s science class.
b) Gifted students can use the work they complete on their Science Fair project to also count as the long-term project they must complete in their Quest class.
c) Students who complete a project at a proficient level may participate in a reward field trip. Participants will be given a choice of several one-day area trips to choose from that the science teachers will chaperone (but will be funded by the students).
d) Potential cash prizes that are handed out at the county science fair to top projects.
e) Completion of a science fair project provides students with instruction on how to analyze and evaluate data as well as in writing a research paper. These skills can be transferred to other subjects and can also be applied at the high school and college levels.
f) Students will be provided with a list of projects, books, and websites from which to choose a project. There are projects to suit every student’s interest in a wide array of categories (consumer science, physical science, life science, engineering, plant science and earth science).
g) Science fair is a great learning experience. Students are able to take a question they have and work through an organized process that allows them to arrive at an answer that is supported by facts.

Click here to view the North Museum's site regarding Science Fair:

Here's a great site to help you work through the different parts of doing a science fair project:

2012 NMSEF Important Dates
  • September 30 All teachers must be registered online ( registration link available through Jim Ringlein at )
  • October 28 All students who plan to participate in the 2012 NMSEF must be registered online ( link available from their teacher by October 7)
  • November 4 All Project Paperwork submitted to the North Museum by 5 PM
  • November 10 Project Proposal Review at Conestoga Valley HS 4:30 PM
  • March 27 Project Check In at Mayser Gym on the Franklin and Marshall Campus
  • March 28 Judging and Awards
  • March 29 Public Day- all projects on display in Mayser Gym
  • April 11 Champions of Science Dinner, Lancaster Country Club