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H-R Diagram --->

Starting April 18th: Earth's Waters

Due Monday., April 23 - Hydrological Cycle Interactive
Go the website:
or use the short version of
Complete the questions on the hydrological cycle.

Starting March 19: Weather and Climate * UNIT QUEST on Monday, April 16

Week of April 10th:
-Complete last page of the Weather Stations and Weather Predicting Packet
-If you didn't finish interpreting the six (6) weather stations, also complete that for homework

-Jump to the bottom of this page for resources and information on Weather and Climate
  • * * * C L O U D S websites are at bottom of this page * * * *

Final Review Packet (30 points) due Fri., Feb. 24 by 2:40 p.m.

Final Chemistry Exam (Quest) on Fri., Feb. 24

Final Chemical Lab Manual due on Fri., March 2


Tuesday, March 6th: Final Chemical Lab STARTS.
If you turned in your manual on Friday, March 2 and it was satisfactory, you will be starting your FILTRATION portion of Final Lab on Tues., Mar. 6th
Check out the attached information, including the schedule & requirements...
Here are some resources that may help you with your Final Lab preparations:

Tues., 2/21 - Lab 7 due by 2:40; staple blue rubric to the front

Wed., 2/22 Controlling Chemical reactions

Thurs., 2/23 - Solubility Curves - plot on graph paper (30 pts.)

Fri., 2/24 - Chemistry Final Exam (100 pts.)

and Final Review packet (30 points)

Fri., 3/2 - Final Lab Manual due (150 pts.)

Mon., 3/5 - Final Chemistry Benchmarks in computer lab

Tues., 3/6 thru Fri., 3/9 - Final Lab Practicum (150 pts.)

Lab 7: Filtration and Evaportion DUE Tues., Feb. 21
Lab 5: Fractional Distillation DUE Friday, Feb. 10 by 2:40 p.m.
Lab 4: Boiling Point of Liquids DUE Friday, Feb. 3 by 2:40 p.m.

Week of January 16:
For Tues: Complete the vocabulary section of "Describing Chemical Reactions"

Week of January 9th:
For Tues - complete "Counting Atoms" (purple sheet)
For Wed - Atomic Dating....who's the best couple?
For Thur - What is a chemical formula?
Quick quest on Friday

Week of Jan. 3rd = ELEMENT EXPO
Your colorful periodic table is due at the end of the period on Monday, Jan. 10
On Fri., 12/9, The Element Project was introduced. Find the link on the Table of Contents for more information
Adopt an Element & Element Expo!
You've adopted your element. Now it's time to get to know it better.
You will . . .
(1) Research
(2) Learn about your adopted element
(3) Maintain Research Packet with notes and citations
(4) Create a Family Album for your adopted element
(5) Present your Family Album during Element Expo
(6) Enter facts about your adopted element into the Element Data Base on the link and follow the instruction.

HERE IS THE DATABASE......---> Element Database

Week of Dec. 5
  • Study Periodic Table notes
  • Periodic Table online due Tuesday, 12/6
  • Period Table puzzle due Wednesday, 12/7
  • Review the similarities and differencies among Metals, Nonmetals and Metalloids

Wednes., 11/30

Study information on Organizing the Elements and Period Table notes
Symbol worksheet due Wednes.
Elements Squares due Friday

Tuesday, 11/29

  • Vocabulary Quest tomorrow (Wed., 12/1)
  • Study information on Organizing the Elements
  • Elements Squares due Friday

Tues., 11/22

(1) Complete Video Vocabulary fill in the blanks
(2) Read and complete "Organizing the Elements"

Quest on Friday, 11/18 on Ch. 2/LAb 2

Due Wed., 11/16
Lab 2 report
Gas Behavior Line graph of Discover activity (p. 56)
Lab 2 report due WED., 11/16
Mon., Nov. 7
Re-read procedures for Lab 2
Study/review your notes/vocabulary
Tuesday will be Day 2 of Lab 2

Fri., Nov. 4
Lab 2: Density of Gas procedures -- Read, and then read it again!
We are DOING LAB 2, Day 1 on Monday

Thur., Nov. 3
Complete Behavior of Gases 2-2
MP1 work must be in by Friday
Be able to answer Ques. 1-4, p. 55
Read Ch. 2 before Nov. 11th
Wed., Nov. 2:
Finish What are gases? packet
MP1 work must be in by Friday
Phase Change Diagram due YESTERDAY
Be able to answer Ques. 1-4, p. 55
Read Ch. 2 before Nov. 11th
  • Vocabulary Exercise (due Wednesday, 10/26)
  • Solids, Liquids, & Gas #2-1 (due Thursday, 1/27)
  • "What's Da Matter?!" - online Lab activity (last page of packet) due on Friday, 10/21

(1) Be able to answer the Section 1 Review questions on p. 21
(2) Lab Report 1 due Tues., 10/18
(3) Use Lab 1 grading rubric to guide your work
  • (1) Scavenger Hunt due before Tues., 10/4
    (2) Picture Your Science due Wed., 10/5
    Metric Stations - Quest on Tues., 9/27
  • Due Tues., 9/20: Metric Mania Conversion Practice and review your "Matter" notes
  • Assigned on Tuesday, 9/13:
    • Review and Study Safety notes and handout
    • Cape Henlopen essay due Wednesday
    • Safety Quest on Friday, Sept. 16
    • Pop Up Book due Friday, Sept. 16 (end of class)
  • Due Tues., Sept. 13 - Rainbow Lab Sheet: complete conclusion and analysis questions AND read LAB SAFETY PACKET
  • Due Wednes., 9/7 - vocabulary chart define the four words and use them in a sentence (hypothesis, conclusion, observation,experiment)
  • Quest Friday, 9/9 - vocabulary, science tools, and science skills; use your notes, homework and handout to prepare and study

Science Skills & Tools

During the first week of school we learned about classroom procedures, identified a few of the science tools we will be using, and discussed the following scientist's skills: observing, inferring, predicting, and collaborating. Also, we started reviewing the scientific method and wrote a hypothesis statement.

Don't forget to study your vocabulary:
  • observe
  • infer
  • predict
  • collaborate

Scientific Method

Science Lab SAFETY

Matter and Its Phase (SLGP)

Periodic Table of the Elements

Play a Game with the Table
Test your Element Skills with FLASH CARDS


WEATHER & CLIMATE (new unit starts March 19th)

QUEST ON WEATHER UNIT = Friday, April 13
Weather station models on p. 5 & 7 of your Weather & Climate packet

Interactive Weather Maker!
Play the game-->

Bonus opportunity due by Fri., April 13: Write two complete, grammatically correct sentences explaining nephology and how it is connected to the unit we are studying.


Use p. 63-66 in your textbook plus...

Heat Transfer Activity

Use the TINY URL à to visit the Wisconsin Online site or go directly to the site at
Heat Transfer
Air Pressure
Layers of the Atmosphere.


Use p. 63-66 in your textbook plus...